Indie folk rock from Portland, Oregon – "In Between" EP available now!


Hailing from the east and west coasts, Tumbledown formed to take a dying breed of music – classic rock-and-roll – and “make it new.” Spiced with Americana, alt-country and pop, the band takes you on a journey through dark ballads, sweet love songs and rollicking road anthems. Ranging from soft to raucous to brooding, Tumbledown’s first EP, In Between, out February 17, 2017, exposes the band’s fun yet contemplative spirit.

As transplants to Portland, Tyler and Scott began playing together in 2012, believing they had something unique to contribute to the city’s thriving music scene. Combining their distinctive solo songs, the duo began performing regularly at Vertigo Brewing, honing their skills while enjoying the live atmosphere and free beer. But it was clear that something was missing. John came to be the backbone of the band in 2013, and through a series of happy coincidences Brian and Dave joined soon thereafter. With the lineup complete, Tumbledown is focused on recording and performing the band’s 30+ original songs in 2017.


The Band

Tyler: Vocals, guitar, reluctant band leader. Not just a humble guy with great hair, Tyler can write a damn pretty song and has the guitar chops to solo with the best of them. Born of a musician, he was influenced not only by rock, but genres as far reaching as R&B, folk music, jazz, and everything in between. Having recorded two dozen songs by the age of 18, he is no stranger to the hard, joyful work of making music and finding that perfect sound.

Scott: Vocals, guitar, harp. Has a dream of combining the sounds of Dylan, Springsteen, and Young into a new form of its own. Add a pint of whiskey, along with the haunting and provocative beauty of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Elliot Smith and you’ll be wrapped up in the themes that keep him up at night. A devotee of the minimalist style of his heroes, Scott has a passionate feel for music that comes out in his simple, strong lyrics, and dark, coarse voice.

John: Drums. Baby grand piano and import car steering wheels alloyed John’s drum style into the crisp yet washy syncopated sound that emanates from his kit.  Once in a while you might hear something that resembles a fill, but more often you’ll feel instead the tightly woven groove of an eclectic array of musical genres.  John’s ethos seeks to at once release the galloping hounds of rhythm while gently cradling the tonal puppy in his free arm.

Brian: A third-generation four-string musician with roots in Ragtime, Barbershop, Swing and Doo Wop, Brian carves his own path with new soulful grooves. Equally at home laying down a bassline with his voice on a street corner as with his Fender in a corner pub. You never know where the muse will take him, but you can be sure you will feel it in your bones.



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